Discover all the details of the beast


We have created the first electric power cruiser. With its low seat height, comfortable riding position and high-end suspensions, you will travel between two dreams in a Pullman fashionable way. Its driver’s assistance will make you enjoy the trip. The exoskeleton chassis is linking the front-end to the rear-end through a structural battery.


Our advanced PMAC motor offers more torque per weight than any other configuration. This motor gives the Newron EV-1 an outstanding torque of 240 Nm (177 ft/lb), allowing an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (60 mph) in less than 3 seconds with the maximum torque available immediately at 0 RPM. Top speed is electronically limited to 220 km/h (137 mph).


A 350 V high voltage and a high-power density battery pack offer an autonomy and enough power to drive up to 300 km (186 mi) in city mode and up to 220 km (136 mi) on highways/interstates. The Battery Pack is a structural part of the chassis. Its design offers offers extraordinary ease of maintenance, upgrades and materials recovery, making the EV-1 a sustainable vehicle that will last for ages.


The brake system is co-designed with a team from the world-class Beringer company. Its high precision monobloc calipers CNC tooled with aeronautical aluminum alloy brings together powerful braking with an exceptional feeling of control. Efficient and adapted, the Beringer system keeps you safe on the road and happy on the track. The EV-1 is equipped with dual 320 mm (11.6") disks and 4 pot radial calipers. It comes with ABS and multi-level regenerative braking.


The ultra-light carbon fiber rims improve the EV-1’s agility and overall handling because of its substantial reduced weight.


The CCS plug (also called IEC62196-3 Type 2) charges 80 % of the battery in 40 min when plugged into a DC fast charge station. The standard 3 kW On Board Charger (with option to 7 kW) allows chargind in 5 h (or 2h30 with 7 kW) at home or power station equipped with a IEC Type 2 plug.


Equipped with GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, the EV-1 offers assistance and links with its rider through a personal smartphone. Newron’s App (available on Google Play and Apple iOS App stores) keeps the user connected with the vehicle and monitors every aspect of it. An intuitive interface offers a clear, easy navigation through informations and gives an enhanced driving experience. With this data, the driver is sure to enjoy the bike at its best and can set every detail to adapt to your personal driving style: adapting shocks, the bike’s power, driving modes, battery level check, remaining charge duration. Using the EV-1’s position, you can access every past journey and share it with your community of riders.